the application has a full-fledged backend that can be used as a standalone system, and front-end solutions for online and mobile banking
  • 23+ mln
    users has one of the Banks running on OBDx
  • 200+
    of banks in the world use Oracle OBDx solution as the main channel
    of interaction
  • 33+
    countries use an OBDx solution localized for local legislation
All three layers of the OBDx solution can be used separately from each other or in conjunction with third-party systems:
For example, using only the back-end functionality of the application, with a front-end solution written for the client.

The system is pre-integrated with Oracle Flexcube ABS, but can also work with any other ABS system of the Bank.

The following is a description of the core business functionality,
supported by Oracle Internet Banking modules.

A detailed technical description of the full list of modules
is available on a separate page.
  • KYC, underwriting and verification in third-party services
  • Processing of applications for various types of products
  • Pre-approved loans

Single Financial Management Center
  • Ability to manage third-party bank accounts
  • Budgeting and spending analysis
  • Goal setting

Major banking products
Loans - contract details, repayment schedule, autopayments, statements.
Credit cards - limit settings, payments, card operations (pin code change, sms-informing), statements.
Account maintenance - history of transactions, blocking and limits, statements, wallets.
Deposits - basic operations on creation, withdrawal, replenishment, closing.
Investment products - account opening, risk profiling, transaction reports, capital gains, dividends.
Islamic banking - accounts, deposits.
Customer support - notifications and reminders, chat, session tracker, etc.
Intra-bank, domestic and cross-border transfers
Online and QR code payments for merchants
Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP)
Support for the single European payment standard SEPA
Support for payments specific to the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Maintenance of related persons and organizations
  • User management
  • Transaction Management
  • Limits
  • Reporting
  • Document management, document upload

Core banking products
Accounts - statement of transactions, credit and deposit operations, transaction locks
Payments - bulk payments, online/in-store payment acceptance, payment tracking with SWIFT GPI, payer categorization, document handling
Loans - corporate loan applications, loan disbursement, document upload, mobile-enabled bilateral loan servicing, loan summary, SWIFT messages and memos
Work with files - file upload ( CSV, XML, XLS, XLSX, pain-formats - SDSC, SDMC, MDMC )
Workplaces of employees - executor, coordinator, etc.
Reporting - dashboards on operations, etc.
Other services
Cash management - receivables and payables, cash flow forecasting and actual analysis, point-of-sale collection
Liquidity management - monitoring of reconciliations, holiday exchange rate management, intercompany loans
Supply management - counterparty management, invoice financing, overdue financing, reconciliation information, shipment financing, dynamic discounting
Virtual account management - special tariffs for virtual accounts, statements, payments, virtual accounts for creating liquidity management structures, separate settlement account for virtual accounts
Asset management - creation and modification of objects, valuation and revaluation of collateral
Foreign exchange operations - booking transactions, flexible currency transactions
Trade Finance - 360 view of trade transactions, view, request and modify letters of credit and guarantees, import and export letters of credit, preview SWIFT message with rates, letter of credit transfer, Islamic trade finance, direct dispatch by letter of credit and collection.

  • Ability to independently create screens using drag & drop, as well as linking screens to APIs
  • Customer feedback analytics, reports and dashboards
  • Customization of lead generation
  • Customization of authority roles
  • etc.

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