Webinar "Financial monitoring and сountering fraudulent operations
in the banking sector"
EXXA Digital | Oracle | E-ngineers
EXXA Digital & Oracle & E-ngineers team took part in the forum "Security in Fintech", which was held on September 12-13, 2023 with the support of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Since the topic is very extensive and relevant, and the time of our presentation was limited, on October 17th 2023 we held our own live broadcast "Financial monitoring and сountering fraudulent operations in the banking sector". Our goal is to tell and show real examples of the possibilities of countering fraudulent schemes with the help of Oracle products for the financial sector.

The organizers were EXXA Digital together with the localization partner in Uzbekistan — E-ngineers and Oracle team.

During the 2-hour webinar, colleagues from Oracle spoke in detail about the tools for combating financial crimes and demonstrated the capabilities of FCCM and AML modules, while partners shared cases of implementation in the CIS market.

Live communication, feedback and questions asked are very important to us, as well as the opportunity to show the benefits of working with Enterprise-class systems to employees who faces the problem of financial fraud in banks every day.

This webinar will kick off a series of similar events designed to familiarize you with the products we are implementing.

Suggest topics of interest to you and we will be sure to invite experienced experts for a productive discussion, as well as offer a proven technical solution to any of your bank's problems.